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Gay Ballroom in New York City
New dance classes for same sex couples by World Champion Robbie Tristan starting January 9.
Ballroom dancing is hotter than ever with TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.  With having more buzz about partner dancing now, wouldn’t it be fun to do all that with a same sex partner? Gay Ballroom offers exactly that.

After organizing and teaching successful classes in Europe and on the West Coast, three time World Same Sex Ballroom Champion and Gay Games Gold medalist Robbie Tristan is here to set New York on fire with his new same sex partner dance classes, Gay Ballroom, in New York’s flatiron district.

The tradition of same sex ballroom dancing started in Europe. Most of the major European cities have large communities offering classes, social gatherings and dance competitions. In the US the first major programs were created on the West Coast. Nowadays there are classes in every major city and dance competitions are held annually in San Francisco, Sacramento, Philadelphia and Boston. In the summer of 2014 Cleveland is hosting the world for Gay Games, where same sex ballroom dancing is always the star event.

Gay Ballroom in New York City offers a fun atmosphere to learn a new skill. The hour long classes are for absolute beginners. No partners needed and the classes rotate partners. Gay Ballroom welcomes everyone who is comfortable dancing with partners of the same gender.

The start of the new year is aperfect opportunity to learn a new skill, step out of our comfort zone and move a little more. To help you make these new years resolutions become a reality Gay Ballroom is offering the first class for free for those who register online at

The instructor, Robbie Tristan, is a renowned professional ballroom dancer with three World Champion titles and 2 Gay Games Gold Medals. He has been featured as Best of LA People by LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Advocate and numerous publications in Europe.

Dance of America Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to help at-risk youth with dance education offers scholarships for the program for youth in financial need.

Classes start on January 9, Wednesday at 7:30pm and are held at Stepping Out Dance Studios (37 W 26th Street, 9th floor)

For press inquires contact Robbie Tristan at

Photos by Angela Jimenez

We are commited to making your first move as easy as possible, so we offer the first class for FREE for our new students.

SIGN UP TODAY (limited time only) 

sign up at:

Regular prices are: $24/class

1 course (4 classes): $79/ person

1 course for a couple ( 4 classes for 2 people): $149

New skill for the new year.

Beginner series starts January 9th.

Ballroom and Latin dance classes for Same Sex couples and their friends in Chelsea. Learn a new skill and be part of a vibrant community.

Learn from Robbie Tristan, World Champion and Gay Games Gold Medalist Ballroom Dancer.

Get out, have fun, meet people and move your body. LIVE DANCE LOVE

WEDNESDAYS at 7:30pm at Stepping Out Studios, 37 W 26th street, 9th floor

Robbie Tristan Bio

Robbie’s passion for dancing began early at the age of seven and his innate talent would soon be recognized when he won the Junior National Champion title in Ballroom Dancing at the age of 11 in his home country of Hungary. Since that auspicious debut, he competed across Europe at numerous International dance competitions representing Hungary as a NATIONAL YOUTH CHAMPION.  Robbie then trained with the top coaches in Hungary, Russia and the UK evolving his repertoire to include jazz, ballet, contemporary, and Broadway dance disciplines.   His acceptance into prestigious organizations like Juilliard and RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) London was a milestone for his age and his country and soon thereafter, his long list of musical theatre credits would include the Eastern European tour of Cats.

Interestingly enough, some of his highest achievements have been and still are in the International Ballroom Competition sphere in Same Sex style, having beat out fierce competition to become the European and World Champion and titleholder many times over.  Later he’d add top awards in Standard, Latin and Show Dance, making him and his dance partner the only dancers who have a monopoly on all the World Champion Titles.

After touring the world in Ballroom Dance Shows and Musical Theatre Productions, Robbie moved to California in 2009 to apply his prowess of the genre to a U.S. audience.  He now devotes his time between a rigorous schedule as an in-demand choreographer, dance instruction and coaching competitive couples while developing new and innovative movement programs for dance and fitness, such as the hybrid, Sambalicious.

Robbie has received countless awards for choreography and dance instruction and his students consistently place in the top tier of any competition in which they are entered, winning top prizes and gold medals in regional, domestic and International dance competitions. Robbie has also won countless top titles in the Pro/Am category (Professionals Dancing With Amateurs) partnering with his students in the US and Internationally.

Robbie’s mantra goes well beyond just competitive sport: “Its bringing out the best in everyone and sharing the joy and passion of dance that matters, let that be a 65 year old student who joins the “Training like the stars” program or a wedding couple who just wants to avoid embarrassment on their special night.

“I feel blessed having been guided by the best to achieve all the success and create all this magic in my life. Now it’s my turn to give back and help others achieve their dreams.”

Robbie coaches all levels, individuals, couples and Formation Teams for International Latin and Standard, as well as, Wedding Dances. He is available for private lessons, show choreography, competition coaching and Pro-Am competitions.

Robbie has developed and implemented myriad dance regimens and programming, such as:

- Training with the Stars, Training and performing with a professional dancer along the lines of the star contestants on “Dancing With The Stars.

- The Sambalicious Boot Camp, a fitness program to stay in shape and learn the fundamentals of the Latin Ballroom Dances (ChaCha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble & Jive)

For press inquiries or for an interview, please contact Valentine Group PR at 323.801.0014

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